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Grotto dei Pescatori 

Caprino, 6823 Lugano/TI

© 2017 Grotto dei Pescatori 

The Grotto dei Pescatori, with its marvelous location in front  of the Lugano  gulf  on the last wild shore of the Ceresio Lake, has been for years a reference point for Lugano lake lovers. In the '50ies and '60ies of the last century, very few tourists knew the place since the access was rather difficult for costumers who were not boat-owners.

Back then, the ancient Grotto was managed with firm and traditional approach by the well-known Dante Rinaldi, a rather grumpy fellow but funny and well-liked in the social-circle of the lake-lovers.

Later on, the ownership of the Grotto  was  passed-on to spouses Gaby and Nello Giambonini  who had a long and fruitful time in Caprino while successfully modernizing the management approach.

The loss of the traditional character and the consequent disappearance of local clientele sent the Grotto towards a gradual decline until 2014 when a local group of lake-lovers took over the management and, with the help of Chef Roberto Galizzi, brought the Grotto dei Pescatori to the shine of historic times.

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